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Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions asked about my work and the community we’re building.

What are commission turnaround times

Commissions are currently booked to be completed within the agreed upon month. However, sometimes this is not possible for the more complex commissions. If that’s the case, I’ll let you know upfront what to expect.

Are Commissions Free?

Currently, commissions are not free. While some art may be done as fan art for larger names in the scene, there will be an exchange of value for the rights to use it.

Are you looking for an assistant?

Yes! If you’d be interested in discussing what this could look like, please email me through the form above.

Do you accept sponsorships?

I am currently open to accepting sponsorships to help the community grow. However, I will no accept sponsorship from a company or product I do not fully support. If you’d be interested in discussing a sponsorship, please email or text me.

How often do you post?

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to create a consistent posting schedule as I’m still experimenting with the different forms of content.

What about collaborations?

If you’d be interested an a “your brand” X RSD collaboration, please email or text me. Always open to hearing your proposal!