This is a personal project that is part of my passion project.

In this world I’m creating, there are monsters. Some are cute and adorable, others are uncomfortable and unnerving to look at.

This series is not meant for children.

Boulder Heads are one of my favourite creations. This baby boulder head is a popular one.

I named this thing a Greater Horned Cocktobeest. It’s about 12′ tall at the shoulder and symbolizes misogyny. The giant penis is meant to make you focus on it and the trauma that it can cause people.

This is a land narwhal. The idea of this creature is like one of the species as whales turned into hippos. But make it the build of chunky dogs.

I just call this a moat monster. She’s non-aggressive, purely defensive and never attacks first. This scene I wanted to feel like a 2D side-scrolling platformer, but without consistent tiling.


I plan to add many more characters, big and small, to my world. Some more cute and grotesque than these.