Death Metal Pop Art

As a fan an participant in heavy music, I know how my community is often stigmatized as overly angry, violent, and aggressive.

My goal with this project is to establish the idea that we’re just a bunch of nerds.

As a member of the community, I call out a lot of the ridiculousness and overly serious behaviour that does exist.

Over the years, I’ve begun to really hone in on what I want this project to be and have reinvented it several times. Metal fans are often depicted as the villain, or edgy anti-hero in most media. We’re the ones made to be the murderers in many police or investigation shows. Metal and rock is almost universally the villain’s theme music, if present at all.

I’m working to create media for all ages that depict metal as a genre and lifestyle for anyone. Anyone except bigots.

@rileysmithrsd timelapses aren't my thing, but this is pretty neat #digitalart #willowsmith #rileysmithdesigns #2k22 ♬ Wait a Minute! - WILLOW

Using After Effects, I’ve been able to create an interesting way to demonstrate the process of my illustration work.