One of these faces is swapped.

Glass Phantoms Promo

Due to a health and schedule conflict, a member of Kardashev was unable to be a part of a music video shot for a new release through Metal Blade. However, he did need to be in the promo images to accompany the release and marketing material. Since I work closely with Kardashev, I did a face-swap of the missing member within 24 hours to be approved by the label. Afterward, I had some fun as well.

The bassist, Alex (far left in the left image), was just on tour with his other band Holy Fawn and ended up hurting himself before being able to go to Canada to film this video. After production was complete and with only two days before the announcement of the video, we all agreed that we needed Alex’s face in promotional material.

I only had a photos of Alex from a previous photoshoot we did. Luckily, it matched the lighting close enough to work.

Kardashev and I decided we would be using headshots from this shoot for their website (which I built and maintain) which meant that we needed a shot of Alex alone with the background. Using the shot of Ryan I was able to remove him and place in a new shot of Alex we were able to take the day of the release, then do a color correction and texture match.