Enlisted Travelers are Kardashev’s subscribers.


Kardashev is a self-proclaimed death gaze band out of Tempe, AZ. The band used Patreon for a membership platform, used Bandcamp for merch sales, and only documented their journey on social media. Working across different platforms and not having a real way to engage directly with supporting fans was more work than they liked.

My job was to design and build a living website that would continue to change with needs and trends. This website also had to provide:

  • A subscription service to replace Patreon
  • Full e-commerce build connected to a print on demand partner
  • A members-only blog

We also enabled Progressive Web App features so that users can install the site on their phone and receive push notifications for updates, created an automation with Discord to give Enlisted Travelers their benefits.


The band went from generating $1000/yr online to $12000 online in the first 3 months of a release.

The subscriber count dropped, but subscriber revenue had a 2x immediate growth and continues to climb.

Print on demand increased the number of orders, the average order size, and the lifetime value of each fan.

The band was approached by several record labels, ultimately choosing to sign with Metal Blade Records on a negotiated contract.