Succulents are the Shit

Feb, 27th 2017

The internet seems to have gone ape-shit for these hardy little plants. Let’s find out why and see how you can bring succulent glory into your life.

Let’s start with a question. What exactly is a succulent? Aside from the obvious answer of being a plant, Wikipedia has us covered.

“In botany, succulent plants, also known as succulents or sometimes water storage plants, are plants that have some parts that are more than normally thickened and fleshy, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions.”


Put a little more practically: succulents are capable of surviving on little upkeep.

Because these plants have evolved to survive in dry, arid climates – such as some of the harshest deserts that receive little rainfall – they are easy to maintain and very difficult to kill.

So if you’ve ever had difficulties in keeping a plant alive, then maybe you would do well with a couple of succulents.

Then again, you might just be better off with succulents no matter what.

When you think of desert plants, what usually comes to mind? For me, having grown up in Arizona, that’s the Saguaro Cactus. But not all succulents are cacti, though most cacti are succulents! The variety of these plants will allow you to create and have some amazing terrariums. You can even a simple scene of tiny potted plants on your desk to break you away from the monotonous drudgery of your office job.

A Gallery of Succulents

This is just a small sample of the beauty of succulents. Their colours and geometric designs can bring nature easily into your office or home.

There are many different types of terrariums and planters out there for you to match your succulent garden to your person style and needs. There are hanging terrariums made of glass, small planters of cement for your desk or counters, and even metal and glass terrariums that look like small houses – for fairies ‘n’ shit, I guess.

You can have dozens of terrariums and planters with different styles mixed together, or you can have one simple thing if minimalism is more your style. Either way, it starts with one.

Glass Terrariums

Glass terrariums are great because they allow you to see the layers of rock and earth you have set beneath your succulents. They also have the advantage of allowing light to pass through them. This allows your space to be filled with the sight of planted nature instead of pottery.

Some of my favourite glass terrariums are the hanging kind. They come in different shapes and sizes for whatever your needs are. Some of them can even be set on a surface if you’d prefer.

Then there are some that can’t hang, but do a great job making your table look good. These ones are able to have more unique shapes since they don’t need to be as balanced as the hanging terrariums.


When it comes to planters, you can get a little bit more creative than with glass because you have different types of material to work with. There’s the traditional terracottaeven in minuscule sizes! Porcelain, which is a fire-hardened clay, can be shapped into a variety of designs and coloured. Wooden planters have a typically farm or rustic look to them. Even cement planters are available.

Planters have different textures and colours you can play with to great effect. When using them, consider planting your succulents a little above the rim so that as they grow they begin to hang over the edge. Planting above the rim also has the added advantage of avoiding water rot.

Get Weird

If you have an eclectic style, maybe consider using things you wouldn’t normally think of. Bowls, mugs, or even a shot glass could be the home for your desktop succulent.

I like the idea personally because you can use pieces that were going to be thrown away. Reusing and upcycling are great for the environment and add charm to your homemade projects.

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