Refunds and Returns

We’re going to try to make this as easy as we can so we’ll break this down into a few bullets.

Buyer’s Remorse

The most difficult scenario to talk about, if you buy something and you no longer want it, you may return it to PO Box 24880 Tempe, AZ USA 85285 at your own expense for a full refund of the product. If shipping was paid on the initial order, that will not be refunded.

We will consider it buyer’s remorse if you find the colours to be inaccurate compared to the website since we are unable to account for differences in screens and graphics capabilities. If for instance you were expecting an item to be a darker red than it actually is, this would be considered buyer’s remorse.

Broken, Damaged, or Wrong Items

If an item is determined to be broken, damaged, or wrong on arrival, this is something we can take responsibility for. Within 30 days of the delivered date per shipping info, please send the item to PO Box 24880 Tempe, AZ USA 85285. Once received, your order will be fully refunded to the form of purchase. We do not yet have the ability to credit your account for the return shipping, but that is a solution we are working towards.

Lost Items

If an item is determined lost by the shipping company through their tracking information, we will replace the order for you at no additional cost to you. If the original item arrives after being considered lost, please give one of the items to a friend, family, or person in need.


Since services are created specifically for you, we are not able to refund these. Items can be resold, but time cannot. If you are unhappy with the work received, please reach out to determine a course of action to rectify this issue and update your service order accordingly.


Version – March 30th 2020