Riley Smith Designs

A strategic design “studio”.

Riley Smith Designs (informal RSD) is a small product design “studio” that creates its own brands to develop and streamline products and services. The “studio” is run by a fairly pretentious “designer” named Riley Smith.


Started in 2015, Riley started working on freelance work in various scopes such as logo design, illustration, web design, tattoo designs, audio recording and engineering, ad design, motion graphics, photography, photo editing, cinematography, character design, and literally too many things to remember because too many clients think of design as one thing. In 2018 he realised all these things were being commissioned as part of one thing: product design.

The “studio” currently focuses on product design in a broad scope.


The “studio” works on projects, utilizing many different design methodologies. Every project is planned in such a way as to maximise its potential results. Each project is approached as product design; the thought being that even a brand is a product (think Nike). When approached in this way, the end result is versatile and broad. The partnerships goal should be extensively realised and adaptive.

The RSD logo uses a modified Cardo font originally design by David Perry.

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Subliminal Groove Records